Character: Jolie

Created by: Michael Davidoff, Bill Rosenthal

Directed by: Andrew Tsao, Linda Day

Written by: Matt Goldman, Will Gluck, David Rosenberg

Cast Members: Fred Savage, Maurice Godin, Yvette Freeman

Released date: March 18, 1998

Episode(s) Number: 1x16, 2x16

Episode(s) Title: As Bad as It Gets / She Loves Me Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 21 min

What do you do after graduating college? Go to work. And that is exactly what Matt wants to do. He wants to climb up the corporate ladder the old-fashion way: by working. But with the bizarre employees that can be found in a multinational corporation, it looks like a long and hard climb to the top.

Script developed by Never Enough Design