The Wonder Years (Season 2)

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2.01 – Heart of Darkness
November 30, 1988
Directed by: Steve Miner / Written by: Carol Black, Neal Marlens

Kevin and Paul lie to their parents so they can spend a night of camping with a kid from their school who is anything but an angel.

2.02 – Our Miss White
December 7, 1988
Directed by: Peter Baldwin / Written by: Michael J. Weithorn

Kevin gets a crush on his English teacher, Miss White, who convinces him to play Robert Kennedy in a play she has written about Martin Luther King, Jr.. Only, he’s having trouble getting her to see him as more than a 7th grader.

2.03 – Christmas
December 14, 1988
Directed by: Steve Miner / Written by: Bob Brush

Kevin and Wayne try to convince Jack to buy a color television for Christmas. Meanwhile Kevin tries to find the perfect present for Winnie after she unexpectedly gives him a present.

2.05 – Just Between Me and You and Kirk and Paul and Carla and Becky
January 18, 1989
Directed by: Peter Baldwin / Written by: Matthew Carlson

Kevin and Kirk McCray both want to know which one Winnie really likes. Kevin struggles with his feelings for Winnie.

2.07 – Coda
February 8, 1989
Directed by: Beth Hillshafer / Written by: Todd W. Langen

Kevin feels that his piano lessons with Mrs. Carples aren’t doing him any good. While most people are quick to commend Mrs. Carples’ student Ronald Hirschmuller, Mrs Carples still feels that Kevin has got musical potential, if he’d just apply himself more to practicing.

2.08 – Hiroshima, Mon Frere
February 15, 1989
Directed by: Steve Miner / Written by: Matthew Carlson

Wayne’s bullying of Kevin has been getting pretty out-of-hand lately. but when he interferes in a big way with Kevin and Paul’s Science Project, Wayne may have gone too far.

2.09 – Loosiers
February 28, 1989
Directed by: Steve Miner / Written by: David M. Stern

When Kevin sees that Paul is being humiliated at basketball during physical education class, he decides to go to Coach Cutlip to complain about how he thinks teams are being unfairly picked. Cutlip then decides to teach Kevin a lesson about fairness by making him a team captain.

2.10 – Walk Out
March 7, 1989
Directed by: Steve Miner / Written by: Matthew Carlson

Kevin along with kids from his school plan to schedule a walkout to protest the Vietnam War. However, when the assistant principal, Mr. Diperna, finds out about the planned walkout, he threatens to suspend all who participate.

2.11 – Nemesis
March 14, 1989
Directed by: Daniel Stern / Written by: Matthew Carlson

Now that Kevin is back together with Winnie Cooper (after hurting Becky Slater’s feelings), Kevin thinks his problems are behind them. Until he remembers how he ridiculed his friends (including Winnie!)behind their backs to impress Becky, who doesn’t seem too happy to have been dumped.

2.12 – Fate
March 28, 1989
Directed by: Daniel Stern / Written by: Bob Brush

With Winnie still upset at him, Kevin tries to get back on good terms with her by confronting Eddie Pinetti, the school bully, for going into her locker. This plan backfires when he realizes that Winnie is now seeing Eddie.

2.13 – Birthday Boy
April 11, 1989
Directed by: Steve Miner / Written by: David M. Stern

Paul Pfeiffer and Kevin Arnold’s birthdays are just days apart, and the two friends have usually always celebrated together. But this year, upon turning 13 Paul(as per Jewish Tradition), will become a man. The only problem is that Paul’s Bar Mitzvah happens to take place on the same day as Kevin’s Birthday!

2.15 – Square Dance
May 2, 1989
Directed by: Tom Moore / Written by: Todd W. Langen

The gym class is engaging in square-dancing, and Kevin is paired up with Margaret Farquhar, the strangest girl in 7th grade. While Margaret enjoys spending time with Kevin, her presence makes Kevin wary of his junior-high image.

2.16 – Whose Woods Are These?
May 9, 1989
Directed by: Peter Horton / Written by: Bob Brush

Kevin, Winnie & Paul band together to save their childhood playground of Harper’s Woods from becoming a shopping mall. The only problem is, no one seems to care.

2.17 – How I’m Spending My Summer Vacation
May 16, 1989
Directed by: Michael Dinner / Written by: Jane Anderson

As the end of school approaches, Kevins looks forward to spending the summer with Paul and Winnie. However his wonderful summer is spoiled when Paul tells hims that he’ll be going his parent’s cabin until Labor Day and Winnie seems to be avoiding him.