Love Boat: The Next Wave

Character: Mary Dutton

Created by: Brenda Hampton, Catherine LePard

Directed by: Anson Williams

Written by: Grace McKeaney

Cast Members: Robert Urich, Phil Morris, Joan Severance, Corey Parker, Randy Vasquez, Kyle Howard

Released date: May 4, 1998

Episode(s) Number: 1x04

Episode(s) Title: How Long Has This Been Going On?

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Duration: 1h

The Sun Princess has its most international passenger list ever. Tom hopes to save his sinking marriage by returning to the cruise ship where he and his wife Janet met, but she doesn't cooperate. Student nurse Mary Dutton is about to graduate and leave for Jamaica, but meets ship mechanic Pete Dougherty, who loves her enough at first sight to quit after eight years just to follow her; Chief Purser Will Sanders helps him, but then she tells she's a nun in training. Contest cruise prize winners Larry Cranston and his wife, granny and sister-in-law are a grumpy bunch and insist on meeting and being photographed with the captain, who has to jump after Larry -who can't swim- in the pool and thus catches a cold; Audrey wants far too much attention from the captain, Larry knows her too well. Single mother-to-be Penelope Michaels gets talking to Ship's Doctor John Morgan, but he lacks confidence to deliver her baby so Security Chief Camille Hunter assists him, and that's no luxury since it's unexpectedly triplet boys. Sid and June Glacken celebrate 40 years of marriage; a program seats them with Tom and Janet, who can use some confidential advice from long experience, but as they don't keep it from each-other rock the anniversary couple's boat... Danny just enjoys photographing sexy girls sunbathing.

Script developed by Never Enough Design