Character: Claudia

Created by: Meg DeLoatch

Directed by: Ted Lange

Written by: Tiffany Anderson, Adrienne Carter

Cast Members: Eve, Jason George, Ali Landry Monteverde

Released date: November 9, 2004

Episode(s) Number: 2x07

Episode(s) Title: Friend or Foe?

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 20 min

Janie and Rita tell Shelly it's time to move past her breakup with J.T. after Shelly's bickering with him ruins the gang's night out at the movies. Shelly seeks advice from a new acquaintance, Claudia (DANICA McKELLAR - "The Wonder Years"), who convinces her that one way to work through the heartache is to take revenge on J.T. Meanwhile, Rita decides to have a garage sale, but she isn't prepared to mark down her life for bargain hunters.

Script developed by Never Enough Design