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Oct 28, 2020

Countdown to Christmas…New Holiday Layout!

We have a gorgeous new layout for the holidays! The header was designed by Carmen and the theme is by Sin21! From now until New Years I will be making lots of holiday themed updates including screencaps from all of Danica’s Christmas movies and I will be launching our icon archive!!! Check back here for updates!

Jul 5, 2020

Welcome to Danica McKellar Online!

Hello and welcome to Danica McKellar Online, your new online fan source for Danica McKellar. I am so excited to open this site. I want to thank Jay at Edge Design for our gorgeous header and Sin21 for our pretty themes. Our photo gallery is online with over 5,000 photos. I still have thousands of photos to sort and batch add since our site was accidentally deleted. I have had to start from scratch. Sorry it took so long to get the site back online.

We are looking for all types of affiliates. If you would like to affiliate with this website… please send us an email! I hope that you all like the site and check back often for updates.